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About Us

The Faith Post is composed of two sisters who are passionate about sharing God's word. 



Hi, my name is Lauren! I am a 23-year-old recent college graduate living in the Bay Area. I work as a behavior technician where I help kids with autism increase their communication skills and decrease problematic behavior. At the same time, I am earning Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. When I am not busy with work or school, I enjoy lettering, painting, walking my dog, playing video games, and working out, among many other things. 

I started The Faith Post in 2014 when I was in high school. High school was a very difficult time for me in terms of mental health so I decided to post Christian inspiration on Instagram. Throughout the years I have been on-and-off about posting regularly, but now with Audrey's help I am more committed to creating and posting content, all for God's glory.


Hi, welcome to our site! My name is Audrey Pak. I am currently a sophomore at UCLA studying cognitive science. I am also a setter on the women’s volleyball team at UCLA. I enjoy drinking coffee, journaling, reading, going to the beach, playing tennis and spending time with my friends and family.

My family has been a huge part of my faith journey, especially my older sister. She has been a role model to me and encouraged many others by creating The Faith Post. It has been super fun working together towards our shared goal of spreading God’s word and love. We are excited to keep creating content and reach as many people as we can!

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